Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Back in action

Okay, so TMD is back in action at themediadrop.com, so check us out over there. There might be a few hiccups this week, but I don't expect too much of a problem. If you become disoriented or begin having delusions of no TMD, then drop by here - themediadrop.blogspot.com - where I find myself clickity-clacking away when and if problems arise.

Thanks for your patience!

Technology always wins...err...loses?

Louisville, Kentucky's Courier-Journal has an item Tuesday by Bill Wolfe that describes the issue with yesterday's issue, as it were. It seems that the paper had made changes to their printing process this Fall, including a new plant, the use of completely new paper, and more dependence on computers, causing some problems in the last few months - but not so much of late. I especially liked the comments of Michael Przybylek, vice president of production, who said that "this is all computerized, so everything has to be perfect," when describing the new hardware and setup.

Short term problems, long term benefits, one would think. But it's still a bummer if you don't get your paper in the morning.

Small town, big town - it's all news

In the Quincy Herald-Whig, David Adam writes about Cheri Preston, an ABC News Radio staffer who grew up in the Illinois town, went to the local college, and is now doing "top of the hour" news updates on the national radio network in New York City. Preston offers details on her day-to-day (hour by hour?) role gathering and writing news items, most amusingly the fact that while she works "with" Peter Jennings, Sam Donaldson, and Charles Gibson, she rarely sees them - for they're in another ABC location.

How does the Taricani case change journalism, if at all?

In mid-November, Rhode Island television reporter Jim Taricani was convicted of contempt of court for not revealing a source close to a trial of former state government employees, and was sentenced on December 9 to six months of house arrest by a judge. He is not permitted to do any reporting during this time, and his employer, WJAR, also informs that he is to have no access to the Internet.

This week, the Society of Professional Journalists made a
statement about Taricani's situation, as they are very concerned about the use of confidentiality in journalism going forward.

The lingering question about whether confidentiality was promised should serve as a cautionary reminder for all journalists about the potential pitfalls of promising confidentiality in return for information.

Doug Fisher, who knows Taricani personally, states his case.


This week, the Chicago Tribune announced its new advertising campaign, the concept of which is around "What's in it for you?" The ads look to "demonstrate how someone's day was made better by interaction with the newspaper."

Louisville / Kentucky radio situation still up in air

At InsideTheVille.com, Mike Hughes shares some more details on the recent announcement that Clear Channel Communications would place University of Kentucky sporting events "ahead" of University of Louisville games on some radio stations.

Monday, December 13, 2004

RSS feeds for newspapers

If you are happening to land here trying to find the RSS feeds list for U.S. newspapers, it can be found here.

I'm having a few difficulties with my hosting service at the moment, hence the temporary posting here at blog*spot. (Thanks, Blogger / Google!) Prior posts from December can be found here.

I will be updating the original listings with any new submissions, and plan on having it re-sorted by state just as soon as I can. Feel free to contact me with suggestions or comments, or if you have questions about the list.

Thanks for your patience!

Longtime Newsday columnist goes to Long Island Press

On Monday, the Long Island Press announced that longtime Newsday staffer Ed Lowe would have his column featured Thursdays on their pages. Lowe, described as being a "unique and honored journalist" by Press co-owner and publisher (along with John Caracciolo) Jed Morey, had been a columnist at the Tribune publication since 1976.

Free press isn't a universal concept

Over at OpinionEditorials.com, Jane Novak writes about the treatment of newspaper editors and staffers at "opposition" press in Yemen. If you're looking for perspective, the facts in this piece are stunning - while her comparison of "big media stories" in this country being of the Dan Rather variety is probably a little egregious (though not too far off base), it should make Americans realize the freedoms that we do have, as compared to people living half a world away.

Former Mercury News reporter found dead

The San Jose Mercury News' Jessica Portner writes about the death of Gary Webb, who worked at the newspaper as an investigative reporter for eight years until leaving in 1997. Webb, 49, was found on Friday at his home, and appears to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The Kentucky Post has more.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

They couldn't get Urban Meyer either

On Sunday, Andy Rooney had a little fun with the idea of his taking over for the soon departing Dan Rather from the CBS evening news - but don't worry, you won't see him in the anchor chair anytime soon.

Dear Abby ditched from Oregon paper

Michael Arrieta-Walden, public editor of The Oregonian, explains in his weblog on Sunday about the newspaper's recent choice to drop the "Dear Abby" column from its pages to offer another advice column, "Ask Amy," on a daily basis. Arrieta-Walden informs that while there were complaints, the amount was "smaller than I anticipated." In fact, there were "more than 50 readers made the effort to thank" the editors for making the move.

A quality use of a blog, IMHO - informing a newspaper's readers of the ins and outs of what goes on inside the publication - wonder if this column appeared in the print edition as well.

[hat tip: Steve Rubel]

Nevada school gets outpouring of media support

The Associated Press has the story about $2 million in pledged donations from both the Las Vegas Sun's Brian Greenspun and Jim Rogers of Sunbelt Communications to Nevada State College at Henderson. The school is trying to build its first "permanent" structure on campus, and hopes to garner a few more donations to bring this to fruition.

Lexington reigns over Louisville, says Clear Channel

The Associated Press reports that Clear Channel Communications will now offer "priority" status for the University of Kentucky's sports teams over the University of Louisville, a reversal of sorts. As of 2007, Kentucky's Wildcats will be featured on at least four stations that feature both schools' basketball and football events.

Jerry Springer gets his radio on

The Cincinnati Enquirer's John Kiesewetter writes Friday about Jerry Springer's foray into daytime talk radio in the Ohio city - and he's looking to syndicate the show nationally. I'd say this not only signals Springer's "desire to change his image from trash-TV-show ringmaster to serious political thinker," but makes it look more and more like a true push to go full force (again) into the world of politics.

[via Uncle Horn Head]

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Site problems 2

Well, today TMD has suffered its second (and final) site problem with its current webhost. More details on this later, but I'm in the middle of trying to recover my Movable Type installation, which seems to be a problem for that host - who has now dropped my site from functionality with no communication whatsoever. Again.

I'll be posting here for the near future, but all TMD posts are still working over at the original site, just in case you have hyperlinks pointed there. My commenting and trackback functions have been disabled, as has my backend publishing abilities.

I'll be moving to a new host, probably sometime this week, as soon as I get everything recovered, so please bear with me.

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