Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Canadian sports reporter gets caught lifting

CBC Sports Online reports that Scott Taylor, sports reporter for the Winnipeg Free Press, has left the paper after admitting to plagiarism in a recent article about the NFL.

Has anyone been evicted from blogging yet?

This afternoon, I was tipped off about this post by a seemingly anonymous blogger going by the name "Bill," who has been writing the "Blogging versus Journalism" site since October 4. That post from Monday bears a significant resemblance to this column by Steve Outing from November 19 at Editor & Publisher. It is not the whole article, but grafs used here and there, with a few tweaks to the text. There is no credit, no mention of Outing or E&P, nothing.

I'm not sure if the blogger is really a journalist or not, as the blog*spot site is "," but s/he isn't doing any favors for him/herself, nor bloggers as a whole.

I thought perhaps this was an oddity, and took a random scroll through the site's archives. While many of the entries are blockquotes with attributed links, that isn't the case for everything, unfortunately.

As Drudge would say, "DEVELOPING."

[Thanks, Mark]

[update] Some good examples here and here.

The discussion is continuing here at Steve Rubel's Micro Persuasion. Rubel is rightly "keeping an open mind" on the matter, but anonymity is keeping us from being able to get a response from "Bill" at this point. Needless to say, this looks kind of iffy, IMHO.

The FCC and a la carte TV

Ron Orol writes in today's Daily Deal that the FCC seems to be moving towards denying a push for 'a la carte' cable television pricing.

[ed: previously discussed here and here]

The show off the air - isn't that fine enough?

The Miami Herald's Christina Hoag informs about a $55,000 fine that is pending against WQAM-AM 560 out of Miami. The station is being fined for comments made by Scott Ferrall, a host who had been fired by the station a year ago this month, on a sports-themed show in September of 2003.

And in a development that
Jeff Jarvis is sure to love, the fines would be the result of one complaint, filed by Coral Gables-based attorney Jack Thompson (FMQB calls him a "attorney/indecency crusader"). To boot, Thompson is calling for WQAM's license.

So how do we really feel about how complaints and the FCC works - do we think that one complaint should be enough to get a company or individual in trouble? Does there need to be some sort of consensus? One thing is for sure, there's no 'consensus' that what the current system is doing is right.

Non-car insurance related "I have good news"

Well, the good news is, my MT installation is recoverable on my server. The bad news is I can't do it from where I am currently present, so hopefully that'll be up and running tonight.

Also - commenting *may* be down temporarily when the site resumes at, until I figure out some other methods of stopping the comment spam. At the very least, it appears that I will have to apply comment registration through TypeKey.

All your Dan Rather in a row

RatherBiased is compiling a great roundup of Dan Rather-retirement related coverage. They're definitely the one-stop shop for news on this topic.

How stereotypes impact your writing

On Tuesday, the UMASS Daily Collegian printed a good read by Adam O'Neal about a session where the school's journalism students were informed on how they can do a better job when writing about people with disabilities.

Gannett / HomeTown merger might get closer look

Reports surfaced last week that Gannett was to purchase midwest newspaper publisher HomeTown Communications. On Wednesday, the Cincinnati Post's Greg Paeth informs that this potential merger "is expected to draw scrutiny from the U.S. Justice Department."

Welcome to TMD's temporary home

Hello, those who have been redirected. In case you're wondering, I've been unable to publish since about noon Eastern time on Tuesday, November 23 due to a *ahem* problem with my webhost, who has "removed" my Movable Type installation due to the problems with my site being a target for comment spamming.

Thankfully, all of my posts have been recovered and are still there, so permalinks and all that will still work, but I am still not able to access the site to publish. So for the time being, I'll be located here.

Here is a link to the prior post at, and you can search the site from Google by putting "" in the query along with the search terms. I plan on having the site up this evening at the latest, so hopefully this won't be necessary.